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    Birthplaces of Israeli Prime Ministers: David Ben-Gurion: Poland; Moshe Sharett: Russia (Ukraine); Levi Eshkol (Russia (Ukraine); Yigal Allon (born Paicovich) – Interim Prime Minister: Israel/Palestine – grandfather was born in Russia (Belarus); Yitzhak Rabin (born Rubitzov): Jerusalem, Isarel/Palestine – father was born in Ukraine; Menahem Begin: Russia (Belarus); Yitzhak Shamir (born Yezernitsy): Russia (Belarus); Shimon Peres (born Perski): Poland; Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel/Palestine – father born in Poland; Ehud Barak (born Brog): Israel/Palestine – father born in Russsia (Lithuania); Ehud Olmert: Israel/Palestine – father born in Ukraine. By the way, Chaim Herzog, President of Israel, was born in Dublin, Ireland. Thus, these Israeli leaders were either born in Europe or their father/grandfathers were.

  • Yasser Arafat born in Egypt. Machmud Abbas born in Kuwait, Omar Barghouti born in Kuwait, George Habas, born in Lebanon, blah..blah..blah..

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