So pleased to have Rav. Diamond share his thoughts at Israel Seen. Rabbi Lee Diamond, is based in Israel and began his unique rabbinate as an Israel Educator for the Diaspora. Rabbi Diamond has served as director of the Alexander Muss High School in Israel, and Associate Director of the Israel office of the UJR and NFTY Israel programs. He has dedicated his life to sharing the Israel he loves and creating an educational experiences for everyone visiting Israel. Rabbi Diamond’s philosophy: Israel is the stage on which I want to act out the drama of the Jewish people, its creative survival, and to affect people’s lives. When we see each other our discussion always seems to find its way to the ever changing political situation in Israel. In the end of course we come around to what is dear to the hearts of both of us: the importance of emphasizing Jewish values and ethics in our society.

Steve Kramer grew up in Atlantic City, graduated from Johns Hopkins in 1967, adopted the hippie lifestyle until 1973, then joined the family business for 15 years. Steve moved to Israel from Margate, NJ in 1991 with his family. He has written more than 1100 articles about Israel and Jews since making Aliyah. Steve and his wife Michal live in Kfar Saba.

Born in London, UK, lived in suburban Washington DC area for 30 years, moved to Israel in 1996. He has a web site: Jack’s Blog

Howard Epstein is an author, columnist, political commentator and commercial lawyer. He is well-read, knowledgeable, articulate, voluble and strongly-opinionated about Jewish and Israeli history and current affairs - and a staunch Zionist. He achieved aliyah in September 2005. His first book: Guns, Traumas and Redemption: America in the Twenty-First Century was recently published.

Paula is the CEO of WritePoint Ltd., a leading technical writing and training company in Israel. She is a popular blogger and journalist. In addition to here on IsraelSeen, you can also read Paula's articles on A Soldier's Mother ( and PaulaSays (

Sheri Oz Sheri Oz is a retired psychotherapist and family therapist from Haifa, Israel. Sheri also has a web site Israel Diaries.

Who am i? Difficult to tell in short but i will try: My name is Sabine, My passion animals, Israel with heart and soul, a Zionist from heart, impatient, jumpy, active, passionate and flexible, fast, sometimes without tact but with a good heart

Professor Mel Alexenberg Author of Through a Bible Lens: Biblical Insights for Smartphone Photography and Social Media, The Future of Art in a Postdigital Age: From Hellenistic to Hebraic Consciousness, and in Hebrew: Dialogic Art in a Digital World: Judaism and Contemporary Art. Former professor at Columbia University and research fellow at MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies; in Israel: professor at Ariel University, Bar-Ilan University and Emunah College.,

He is a devoted amateur photographer who possesses the uncanny ability of finding the odd moments and hidden gems around Tel Aviv. While some of his photos will be from outside of the city many are taken during his endless adventures throughout Tel Aviv. Assaf is also a student of Spinoza and has much to say about him. We look forward to sharing his insights with everyone.

I'm a 32 years old blogger who lives in Tel-Aviv. My writing often mixes contemporary culture with a variety of topics; whether social, economical or political, as well as any other topics that I feel important enough (and sometimes ridiculous enough) to discuss as a society. My aim is to pack as much knowledge in an accurate, fun and easy to read way.

By education a psychologist. In Poland: journalist, assistant director, Jewish educator; In Israel: I was a travel agent and a searcher of the unknown in the future. Always - passionate about culture and traveling.

Victoria Braverman is a broadcaster and communications veteran who loves to create pictures through words and language through pictures.

Lives in Rakefet, Galilee, Israel. By education a mechanical engineer. For the last decade holds a marketing position in a multi-national metal cutting tools company. Passionate about nature and outdoors. Enjoys Hiking, Mountain biking & Surfing. Loves Israel and tries to promote Hiking tourism in the country. Founder & Manager of Mail:

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig recently retired from Bar-Ilan University where he taught and researched for 40 years, after making aliyah in 1977 (after receiving his PhD in Government from Harvard U, 1976). He served as Chair of the Israeli Political Science Association (1997-1999), Chair of BIU’s Political Studies Dep’t (2004-2007) as well as BIU's School of Communication (2014-2016). His specialty areas are Israeli Politics and Society (especially Election Campaigns; Religion & State; Political Parties); the Jewish Political Tradition; and Technology & Society (especially New Media; Artificial Intelligence; and Futures Studies). He has published three books, 37 academic articles, and 21 book chapters. He continues to give lectures to the general public in Israel and twice a year in the United States and other countries around the world. For more info, see:

Born in Israel, grew up in Montreal, Canada, studied in the States, worked in Toronto, Canada, and made Aliyah in 2009. Sara Jacobovici is a 30+ year veteran in the health and mental health fields as a Creative Arts Psychotherapist. She lives and works in Ra’anana, Israel. Sara specializes in the use of the creative arts in assisting you to verbalize what is beyond words and to re-view the script you presently use in a new light. Sara reconnects individuals with their first language, creativity.

Janis is a freelance journalist and content writer based in Tel Aviv. You can read more about her at

Paul Rose has a web site called

I have had the distinct honor and privilege of growing up all over the world in cities as diverse and wonderful as Houston, Atlanta, New York and Pretoria, South Africa. After wandering the globe for 38 years, I am now ready to settle down in the one place I call home - Israel. Writing and words are my love and my passion. I am a journalist by trade and by calling, with an MA in mass communication from the University of Georgia in Atlanta. I am a firm believer that words and ideas could change the world, to borrow a quote from the wonderful Robin Williams. When I am not at work, managing correspondence from overseas clients at an accounting firm, I am an impassioned Yesh Atid activist , an exercise enthusiast who loves running and swimming, and now I guess I can say officially a blogger!

Moshe Beauford is a public relations professional who resides in the north of Israel, violinist, freelance writer, tech lover, foodie / aspiring cook who has little-to-no-time to actually cook, world traveler and craft beer snob. Check out his writing if you want to explore the many things Israel has to offer the world, you might just be surprised!

Lisa Fliegel is an American/Israeli writer who came of age on Kibbutz Ketura. She is an International Trauma Specialist, who served as a journalist covering the Middle East Peace Process. Lisa's award-winning non-fiction has appeared in The Times of London, The Jerusalem Post Magazine, Response, Midstream, ARC, and The Tel-Aviv Review, among other journals. Her academic publications include New Directions in Youth Development, and The American Journal of Art Therapy. Lisa has her bachelor’s degree in Hebrew Literature from the Tel-Aviv Teacher's Seminary; and her writing is richly informed by a bi-lingual, multi-cultural perspective. Lisa founded and directed the award-winning Arts Incentives Program (AIP) in Boston. AIP was recognized by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), for its success in reducing disparities in minority contact in the Juvenile Justice System. In April 2015, Ms. Fliegel published a chapter on her program model, titled "Good Looking Out," in the book: "Latanya: Gangs, Girls and Guns, Workbook & Leader's Guide" (The Latanya Series). Ms Fliegel's current book "The Clinical Adventures of a Bullet Proof Therapist," fuses the universal imperative of narrative journalism with the intimacy and singularity of a memoir. These narratives of healing are drawn from three disparate places where she has worked, that have faced seemingly intractable pain and conflict: inner-city Boston, Israel/Palestine, and Northern Ireland. Creating healing relationships at the intersections of these conflict zones, in a quest to learn from examples of positive change; frames this story with a distilled wisdom that can dramatically reshape how we interpret violence and achieve resolution. .

Kaswar KLasra is a journalist from Pakistan with more than 13 years of experience in print and electronic media. Currently, Kaswar Klasra is working with International News Service London as its correspondent from Pakistan. Previously he worked for one of Asia's biggest news channel India Today TV and Aaj Tak as correspondent from Pakistan for eight years (2010-2017). During 13 years of journalism, Mr Klasra worked as Reporter for a number of publications and TV channels including I24, worldwide. His stories ( with bylines) appeared on news publications like Japanese monthly magazine FACTA, The Nation ( Pakistan) News of The World ( London) , Los Angles Times ( USA), India Today, Brunei Times, Newsmax ( USA) , Mirror ( UK) and Daily Mail ( UK) , Progressive radio, Axel Springer, international News Service ( UK), World Textile Information Network, Mumbai Mirror , The Straights Times, South China Morning Post, Xinhua and The Journal of Turkish weekly. He can be reached at He tweets at @kaswarklasra His work can also be accessed at:

Sari Friedman, MFA is a Pushcart-nominated novelist from America. The novel tells the story of a contemporary woman who starts remembering her past-life 4,000 years ago in the Land of Canaan. Sari Friedman has been in love with Israel all her life, and has lived here since August, 2015. She posts about her experience as an Olah Chadusha, as a writer, and more on her site.

Tour Guide and Educator in Israel and worldwide public speaker, promoting the understanding of complexities with the study case of Israel and Judaism. To book a talk in your hometown (USA) and/or a tour in Israel, visit A storyteller by heart, sharing fascinating stories and engaging audiences from all around the world. An MA students in the department for Israel Studies in Haifa University. Worked as a Tour Educator in Taglit Birthright Israel and as an educational content creator for Bible studies programs. Promotes freedom of speech, pluralist Judaism and responsible forming of opinions. Would love to discuss ideas and form unique workshops, talks, and tour for your community.

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