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UNPACKED – The Top 10 Most Elite Units of the IDF

UNPACKED – The Top 10 Most Elite Units of the IDF

If you follow the news, you might know that things have been hotting up on Israel’s northern border and on Saturday night, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers from the Maglan unit averted a potentially serious attack.


Thankfully, things are quiet…


… for now.

As special forces, Maglan’s job is to eliminate targets behind enemy lines and, along with the Duvdevan and Egoz units, it makes up the Commando Brigade.


But they’re not alone. The Commando Brigade units are just three of the elite detachments that play a crucial role in IDF operations.


If you haven’t really heard of them, that’s because they carry out most of their actions in secret and relatively little is known about what they do to keep Israel safe from terror and attack.


What you should know is that these units are behind some of the most daring actions in Israel’s history, such as the Sayeret Matkal unit’s raid on Entebbe.


Watch today’s video to find out about 10 of Israel’s most elite military units.

Which Israeli elite military units have played an outsized role in the country’s reputation as a leader in military strength and ingenuity? We give a rundown of 10 of the best and uncover some of their most daring exploits (that we know about).

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