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Farkas Sisters – Limited Time ONLY-View: Gathering Fragments

Farkas Sisters – Limited Time ONLY-View: Gathering Fragments

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This is a story of a childhood full of smiles, tragedies and hope. We were a group of children who grew up in the Kiryat Shmuel neighborhood of Jerusalem, adjacent to the Arab Katamon neighborhood.

We grew up during the British Mandate in Palestine. Then, the 1948 War broke out immediately after the UN Partition Decision in November 1947.

From then on, we lived under constant sniper fire and bombings. Our parents struggled to keep some food on the table during the long Siege of Jerusalem.

But some of us remember this time as full of excitement and adventure; others, who suffered the loss of their father, carry deep scars that they cannot erase, even after seventy years.The documentary material left by our parents (home movies which our mother – Hannah Farkas-Himsley made, diaries and letters) – which is intertwined in the film – reveals to us a new, untold, story about those difficult and tragic times.

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