Sheri Oz

Sheri Oz – A Palestinian on the Israeli Occupation: The biggest lie ever told

Sheri Oz – A Palestinian on the Israeli Occupation: The biggest lie ever told

This is what we want to hear. The charismatic Mohammad Massad, former terrorist, talks with passion about wanting to live together with the Jews. Has anyone ever spoken like this before? We have heard about Jews and Palestinian Arabs going to each other’s family life cycle events and being friends, but has anyone really spoken like this out in the open?

Can we believe him? Can we trust him? History will tell. We have had experience with Arabs who talk the talk but then seriously disappoint. I do not believe that will be the case with Massad.

But how do we know what to believe? In another article also involving Mohammad Massad, I showed how the Israeli mainstream media did not give us all the information we needed to understand the context of protests in the time preceding and during the Eid el-Fitr weekend. I don’t call this fake news but negligent news. They neglected to tell us the entire context, or to share other perspectives, meaning that the viewer may have been unable to reach any conclusion other than the ones they were promoting. Most consumers of the news cannot do the research for themselves and they should have access to the context. This is what journalism is supposed to be about.

I may get some things wrong and if you think I did, just tell me. I will look again. Just like I have fleshed out this article a bit as a result of feedback I got on it.

So let us all keep our eyes and ears open and follow what is happening wherever we can get information — and then we will be able to assess the veracity of the video here. And thereby truly appreciate it.

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