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Lee Diamond z”l – The Jewish Soul of Jeanne

The Bat Mitzvah girl and Rabbi Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond z”l – The Jewish Soul of Jeanne

This latest piece by (Rabbi) Lee Diamond z”l is about a former student of his that went on to become successful professional sculptor.

But my dear and close friend Lee Diamond passed away last Wednesday shocking his family, friends and so many people he touched on his journey to develop, inspire and initiate educational institutions that teach Jewish education in Israel and abroad.

I have not been able to write much about my study companion, friend and brother. It is still too soon for me to unscramble all my emotions about his passing. In the meantime enjoy his wonderful words and Jeanne’s wonderful art work.

Jeanne: ” I am a former student of him and he so influenced my life that I sought him out and we had dinner on Monday night after forty years. And that inspired the poem.”

Have you ever met

A Jew Of the soul?

Not born a Jew

Nor  raised a Jew

But fully aware

That somewhere,

Somehow, their inner

Soul would guide

Them to embrace

Their essence ?

40 years ago,

Jeanne Kidd

was 17 years old

Her heart guided her

To study Judaism in


I hadThe honor

of guiding That soul

as her teacher.

She recalls the day that

She climbed from

King  David’s  City

And had her first glimpse

Of the Kotel In her spiritual


She had come home

Physically and emotionally.

Jeanne’s Moment of

Return came

When she and her daughter

Joined Ruth the Moabitess formally Declaring to the Jewish People:

Wither thou goest, we shall go.”  

Her hands led her to create

Her soul in stone

And the work of her hands

Spoke In her spirit

She and her magnificent soul

And the work of her hands

Now stand proudly in Jerusalem in Mamila for all to see, touch and experience.

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains


But HELP cometh

Not from mountains

But from the Lord”

(Psalms 121)


In Jeanne’s own words


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Photography by Aline Frisch “Soul Photography” is the name of her business in Israel


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