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Sabine Sterk – Positivity, What is the power of Israel?

Sabine Sterk – Positivity, What is the power of Israel?

What is the power of Israel? How is it possible that within 7 decades Israel transformed from the desert into a thriving and prosperous country.

Despite all tensions, terror attacks, antisemitism and sometimes harsh living conditions,  Israel is ranked  11th as the happiest country in the world.

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And it is not hard to see, when you are in Israel you will be surrounded by positive energy.   It starts in the El Al plane towards Ben Gurion Airport; People excited to come home, eating the delicious Hummus, the Israeli attitude, talking a lot to each other and often people are singing pure happiness.

Walking outside the airport, when you come in the right season, you will smell the blossom of the Orange trees. Walk-in Tel Aviv on the boulevard near the sea and you see groups of people dance on the same boulevard… enjoying every second of life.

Of course, not everything is as pink as I paint it for you. But still… the Jewish people have the ability to see the glass half full instead of half empty. I remember in times of severe rockets attacks on the south you could see a video of a school with small children, they just made a beautiful song, so the kids could stay happy and just smile.. admiration for that.

I also recall the times of the arsons in November 2016. I had an appointment with a friend that lived in Haifa. The fire reached his house within 10 meters… And instead of getting hysterical and depressed, he was just grateful his house was saved and even made jokes about it.


You can see, like everywhere, people shouting at each other, talking loud, disagree in public but when disaster strikes suddenly every disagreement is disappeared and people will stand side by side to help each other. Israel is a great country, always first to help other countries in times of trouble and put a smile on the faces of those in need and give them back hope for the future… IsraAid is spreading Israeli positive spirit around the globe. Despite centuries of persecution and discrimination Israel is never hesitating to reach out to their helping hands and change the fate of many people in need in positive ways.


Staying positive, smile and continue is the way to survive.

To survive hard times, it is very necessary to stay positive.

Not only the knowledge of the people of Israel, Not only their determination to survive, not only the excellent Israeli defense force but most of all the POSITIVE spirit of the most Israeli people are making this country amazing.

Am Yisrael chai

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