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Jane Hudson – Israeli Property Investors Turning to Greece’s Passion for Feng Shui for Inspiration

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Jane Hudson – Israeli Property Investors Turning to Greece’s Passion for Feng Shui for Inspiration

As Greece’s economy recovers, it is Israeli property investors who are receiving much of the credit, with new figures revealing that they have invested more than 200 million euros in the last few months. With Jewish families wanting to improve communication and happiness in the home, cultures like that of Greece could provide inspiration. By using concepts such as feng shui, the Greeks are seen as living a more relaxed and open lifestyle, which many Israeli property owners want to promote. This might explain some of the huge investment in what was a failing economy in Europe.

Creating a Warm and Welcoming Environment

Part of the reason that Greece is seen as a model of property investment is that these homes are welcoming to residents and visitors alike. If you want to increase the friendliness of your home, then taking this approach could help to encourage guests to come over more often. Greece, like Israel, is a warm country, but homes need to adapt and accommodate all seasons of the year.

In the winter, keep your home warm so that it is a relaxing and pleasant environment in which to find yourself. Meal times in Greece are often very social affairs, so look to the chair and table setup to increase the communication levels in your household. Dining tables can be square for more formal settings, but use a rounder coffee table in the living room to promote a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. This will keep everyone feeling calm, making them more likely to get along. Look at the kind of homes Israeli property investors are choosing to purchase for an idea of how a happy household is setup.

Creating an Illusion of Space When Space is Limited

Many Greek residents have adopted a minimalist design aesthetic and living style that Israeli property merchants have come to love. This is because clutter can cause people to feel claustrophobic and anxious, whereas wide open spaces will help family members to feel calm. Giving everyone enough breathing space physically creates a sense of having breathing space metaphorically as well. It is all about space perception. Using lighter colors is one way to make a place feel airy and comfortable. Mirrors will make a room look far larger and windows will help to blur the distinction between inside and outside.

The Israeli investment in the Greek property market is unprecedented, but it isn’t just good news for the Greek economy. Jewish families living in Israel should also take on board the reasons why Greek property is so desirable for investors. Feng shui should be a part of your daily life, as it will facilitate conversation while lowering stress and anxiety. This is perfect for property investors looking for happy buyers or tenants, but it can also help the average Israeli family to bond more effectively and flourish in a smartly designed home environment.

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