Jack Cohen

Jack Cohen – The Truth about the Palestinians II

Jack Cohen – The Truth about the Palestinians II

No-one has heard of Israa Ghrayeb, a young attractive Palestinian woman from Beit Sahur in the PA, who was murdered horribly in a so-called “honor killing” by her family. Her crime, dishonoring the family by posting a video on social media with a young man that she was soon going to be engaged to.  Her family disapproved, so they attacked her and she “fell” out of the window and broke her back.  In hospital they ordered the staff out and attacked her again, a video shows her screaming for her life.  After she was released from hospital and was taken home they attacked her again and her brother reportedly smashed her skull.

There were demonstrations on her behalf in Ramallah and elsewhere in the PA and after two weeks the PA Attorney General charged three of her relatives with her murder, although “honor killing” was not mentioned.  There is now an international campaign #weareallisraa, but she is but one out of 18 women killed so far this year in “honor killings”according to the General Union of Palestinian Women.  As a Palestinian woman doctor stated “there is nothing related to honor in killing, it’s femicide.”

There is a tendency in the West, especially among liberals, to regard cultural practices of primitive peoples as quaint and somehow natural and acceptable.  Should this include Palestinian/Muslim practices such as:

  • honor killings,
  • infanticide of female babies
  • brutal treatment of women
  • female genital mutilation
  • child brides (from 7-14 years old)
  • multiple wives (under Sharia law)
  • persecution of minorities (because they are infidels)
  • killing of apostates (no one is allowed to leave Islam on pain of death).

Many young Western women, including many young Jewish women, should face the reality of what they are supporting, it’s not what they think. Note that “honor killings” and other unsavory practices are now a feature of Muslim communities in the US and Britain.

When the British conquered India they found among the local cultural practices “suti burning,” which meant that all the wives and servants of a man were burned alive with him when he died.  Should they have been sensitive to the different cultural practices of their Hindu subjects? NO! they banned the practice and it was soon stamped out.  Thus civilization proceeds in small steps.  Let the Palestinians and other Muslims know that some of their cultural practices as they relate to women are abhorrent and must be stopped!

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