Jack Cohen

Jack Cohen – The Truth about the Palestinians I

Jack Cohen – The Truth about the Palestinians I

I saw an unusual program on France 24 News in English on Friday that presented a view of the Palestinians rarely seen – the truth!  The program interviewed ordinary Palestinian Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank who have run afoul of the Palestinian security services for one reason or another, and they all said that they live in a police state, both in Gaza and the West Bank.

Gaza is run by the Islamist terrorist organization Hamas that is akin to Al Qaeda and ISIS, and the West Bank is run by Fatah that was the PLO faction of Yasir Arafat.  These two factions are completely mutually exclusive and both sides will do anything to harm the other side.  For example, civil servants who were employed by Fatah in Gaza before Hamas carried out the coup there 12 years ago, have been regularly arrested and harassed by Hamas and are not allowed to work, but Fatah pays them half their salary to do nothing!  The PA will not pay for electricity for Gaza, they only have 8 hrs per day but paid for by Qatar and supplied by Israel!  Fatah want the people to suffer so that they will revolt against Hamas.

Meanwhile in the West Bank Hamas supporters or representatives are regularly arrested by the Palestinian security services and subject to torture and mistreatment, and often held for long periods in solitary confinement without any charges.  One man who tried to carry out a terrorist attack in Israel was arrested by the Israeli police and was tried and incarcerated in an Israeli prison, and while there he joined Hamas.  Because of that when he was released he has been hounded by the PA security forces, which he said are worse than the Israelis.  The Israelis don’t torture you, they give you a specific sentence and when its over they release you.  But, the PA is a police state and a dictatorship.  So now he lives quietly in a small village and minds his own business and rarely goes out to avoid giving them any excuse to arrest him again.

People said that both Gaza and the PA are police states, and there is no freedom of expression whatsoever.  From an early age children are indoctrinated not only with hatred for Jews and Israel, but even more so with hatred for the opposing Palestinian faction.  There is no possibility of any accommodation between them, so forget a two-state solution.

Note that I tried to find a url for this program but it was not on the France 24 web-site as they advertized?

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