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No Camels – Israel Innovation News Top Stories This Week

No Camels – Israel Innovation News Top Stories This Week

Top Stories This Week

Vegan Nation: Israeli Startup Builds 1st Global Ecosystem For Plant-Based Living, Powered By Own Digital Currency

“If vegans were all living in one country, that country would likely have the strongest economy in the world,” says Isaac Thomas, an Israeli-American entrepreneur.

Thomas is the CEO and co-founder of Vegan Nation, an Israel-headquartered startup that claims to be building the world’s first global marketplace for vegans, promoting “cruelty-free trade and sustainability.” And it comes complete with its own digital currency, the VeganCoin (VCN).

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Israeli Scientists Develop Genetic Test To Identify Cells That Protect Against Zika Virus

It’s been four years since the Zika virus dominated news cycles worldwide after an outbreak of Zika fever in Brazil in 2015 quickly spread to other parts of South and North America. In early 2016, the World Health organization issued a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” alert, warning that Zika would come to affect most countries.

This summer, scientists at Tel Aviv University (TAU) working with international colleagues used a genetic screen to identify genes that protect cells from Zika viral infection which they say this may one day lead to the development of a treatment for the Zika virus and other infections.

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Mobile App Connects Eateries With Too Much Food To Hungry Customers Looking For A Deal

A staggering 2.5 million tons of food is wasted annually in Israel, according to a report by Leket Israel, Israel’s National Food Bank. Of that waste, roughly 50 percent is rescuable — and though fit for consumption, doesn’t make it to anyone’s table.

That’s where SpareEat comes in. This new startup, which launched its eponymously named app in early August, connects restaurants, supermarkets, and cafés with surplus foodstuffs to hungry Tel Aviv residents ready to pay for the food that would otherwise be tossed out.

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