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UNPACKED – Israel & Gaza: The Disengagement

UNPACKED – Israel & Gaza: The Disengagement

This week, we’re journeying to the Gaza Strip, a 25-mile long strip of land on Israel’s southern border. Although Israel pulled out of Gaza almost 15 years ago, many people believe it still controls this small piece of land.

Although some 8,800 Jews once lived in Gush Katif in the south of Gaza, Israeli life there ended there in 2005. During a long, hot summer, the country came to terms with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s unilateral decision to withdraw 100% of Israeli military forces and civilians from the territory.

So, why is Israel still embroiled with this tiny patch of land that it handed over a decade-and-a-half ago?

How did the withdrawal take place?

What has taken place since?

And has the gamble to pull out of Gaza paid off?

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