Shalva Band – A Million Dreams Realized

Shalva Band – A Million Dreams Realized

This week we witnessed – and the world witnessed right alongside with us – the realization of many a dream and the impact of inclusion.

The Shalva Band took to the largest live music event in the world – Eurovision 2019 – and totally blew their audience of almost 200 million away.

It was magical. For everyone!

And we, Shalva’s global community, can say that we had something to do with it. Folded Hands on Apple



In a matter of minutes, The Shalva Band dominated the Eurovision conversation.
The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, posted their video on his Facebook page, BBC Eurovision tweeted it, newspapers from around the world highlighted them and their performance was #2 TRENDING on YouTube garnering more than double the views of most of the other contest participants.

Viewers from around the world were voicing their opinions and commenting on videos that were circulating online, with a unanimous voice they declared

“Shalva Band are the True Winners of Eurovision 2019”.

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