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Michael Shine – Where Is The Truth

Michael Shine – Where Is The Truth

Those of us concerned about the situation in the Middle East and the amount of anti-Israel propaganda both in the majority of the western media and that appearing on social media have had plenty to think about in recent weeks.

Riots and attempts of terrorist incursions at the Gaza/Israel border, described by many western journalists as a peaceful protest; followed by new terrorist activity of flaming and explosive kites being flown from Gaza into Israel destroying nature reserves and $000’s worth of agricultural crops, many showing the Nazi swastika, which the Western media largely ignored, then a march in London (U.K.) with the terrorist organization Hizbollah’s flag ‘proudly’ flying (and the U.K. government naively allowing it), (https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12483/london-al-quds-terrorism) which the U.K. media totally ignored, and in Spain, the area of Valencia passed a decision to become a place ‘clean from Israeli apartheid’; leader of radical Left party: Israel is ‘illegal.'(https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-5283544,00.html).


What has changed in the last 50 years?


I can remember, whilst living in the U.K., the news of Israel’s victory following the 6 day war being applauded and celebrated throughout the western world (not just by the Jews), yet today, when seen obviously defending itself against terrorism, Israel is now vilified. What has caused this massive about turn?


Well, what has changed is education, or perhaps the lack of it, and the fact that journalists no longer report truth but instead voice their own opinions which are usually dictated by the fact that their employers have become left wing orientated.

Unfortunately there are generations (possibly all of them from 1950 onwards) of Arabs living in the Middle East (particularly in Jerusalem and Judeah & Samaria) who have been lied to by their political and spiritual leaders and teachers, so much, and so often, that they actually believe what they are saying, and are proving to the world how ignorant and wrongly educated they are. They are brainwashed into believing these lies. From nursery school onwards these Arab children are taught to hate Israel and Jewish people. (https://www.facebook.com/standwithusarabic/videos/813033902226816/UzpfSTU1NDAxMDA2NToxMDE2MDU2MDYxNDUyMDA2Ng/)

They are fed false commentaries about their own history. They are taught that there was an Arab Palestinian country which was stolen by the Jews. How would they know any different? Educated people know that this is a fallacy, but, those in the West who are young, and don’t read beyond headlines, are also taken in by this. What they are not taught is that although there were some Arabs who had lived in the Ottoman, and latterly the British controlled area, after the defeat of the Turkish Ottoman Empire during the first world war (and apparently the Turks have never gotten over it), the vast majority of Arabs started coming to the area only once the Jewish people had started clearing the swamps and deserts, and provided economic opportunities for the Arabs to take up.

These young Arabs, some now in their 50s and 60s are totally unaware of the true nature of their own history. Many of them are uneducated other than that which has been taught to them in their mosques. How would they know? They have been lied to for so long and so consistently by their corrupt, power hungry and despotic leaders that the truth is buried and forgotten.

So, who is to blame? Well the United Nations must accept the vast majority of the responsibility for the poor education. It set up an agency (UNWRA – The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees) whose only purpose was to continue the tragedy of those who were once Arab refugees (either due to running away of being persuaded by their leaders to become so), and then set up schools to teach hate, and false narratives, but heaven forbid, not to educate.

It should also be noted here that as many as the displaced Arabs were, which their Arab brothers refused to help, there were as many, if not more, Jewish people who did not run away from their homes but were expelled without their possessions from all of the neighbouring Arab countries, (a fact that the anti-Semitic world refuse to acknowledge), but they were totally integrated into the nascent Israeli state.


What is more of a tragedy is that the liberal left and the youth in the western world are starting to believe these lies and false education as well. Unfortunately it is a fact that young Western students in Universities are also not taught facts and truth about the recent history of the Middle East, but they are taught opinions about the Middle East which are more based on anti-Semitism than they are about truth, and are predominantly without foundation. Without any doubt this is the result of many liberal minded university lecturers following their own agenda and teaching their own political opinions instead of teaching the truth.

What has happened to the billions of dollars that have been donated by the Western world to improve the lives of these Arabs? Well it has definitely improved the lives of many of their leaders to the tune of millions of dollars in their private bank accounts. It has improved the lives of terrorists and families of terrorists who have been caught and imprisoned, (by paying them salaries for murdering or committing atrocities against Israelis), but has it improved the lives of the common man. Well that is a resounding no. Where are the new schools, new hospitals and new apartments? There aren’t any!

Surely the time has come for the world, and the Arab world in particular, to wake up. It is time for the truth to be taught both to Arab children and to the children in the Western world. It is time for the lie, that Israel stole Palestinian land, to be put to rest. It is time for the anti-Israeli propagandists to accept that there was never an Arab Palestinian state and that the concept of an Arab Palestinian state and people was a lie invented by the Egyptian terrorist leader Yasser Arafat. In fact Walid Shoebat, a former Muslim terrorist who at that time lived in the area that became known as the “West Bank,” (another invented term) said “how can I go to bed as a Jordanian one day, and wake up the next day as a Palestinian?” He is referring to the day before and the day after the start of the Six-Day War.


One thing is for certain, until the Arabs in the Middle East accept that Israel has a right to exist in its historical homeland (yes! That is correct! It is the historical homeland of the Jews, not of the Arabs who came from Arabia), and until the Arabs face up to the truth and start teaching their children the truth about how they, the Arabs, attacked Israel with the intention of wiping Israel out, and failed, on three separate occasions, there will never be any chance for peace. And there will definitely be no two state solution until the Arabs come to terms with their own history.

As long as the Arabs continue to teach hate to their children, and to deny Israel’s right to exist, and as long as they continue to demonize the Jews and the Jewish land of Israel, all they will ever reap is sorrow. It is a shame because it is a sorrow that they bring upon themselves.

There are none as blind as those that refuse to see!

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