Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – They Burn We Plant, When they Go Low, Conserving Judaism

Lee Diamond – They Burn We Plant, When they Go Low, Conserving Judaism

“They Burn We plant”


“Rachel” stood

On a hill

Overlooking the

Jordan valley

And her beloved


She saw wild wheat

Sprouting everywhere

I never planted this


the ancient seeds

Planted by my ancients

have come again

To life

Blown In the wind

Of a Myriad

Of generations

They are the “after-growth”

Seeds of wheat

Awaiting the people

To return to her


To feed them

Once again and to give

Them new life.

And the people drank

Of the life milk

And they plowed

And the seeds

Burst forth

In fertility

And the wild flowers

Gave their hews

And the trees their

Leaves and foliage

And the people and the

Land United into one.

And it was Eden

People clutching

And land clutching

And God smiling

“Never Again” the people Of the

Land and

the land of the people


“Will we separate”

Not fire

Nor enemy

Not storm

Nor kite

Will defeat our unity

If they burn the wheat

Of our fields

We are here to

Replant it.

If they destroy our forests

We will resuscitate them.

The land blooms

For its children

The children bloom

With the land

And God sheds tears

Of rain.



When they Go Low


The forecasts are abysmal

“The “Jewish” Voice for Peace”

“If not not now, when”

Are now mainstream movements

In American Judaism.

Two anti Zionist

Two anti Jewish

Two Anti ethnic

Two pro assimilation

Two Pro Jewish self destruction

Two Non-degradable


Have taken hold

Of the once formidable

And most precious Jewish communities

In Jewish history.

In Rabbinic schools

In Jewish camping

In synagogue leadership

And closures

In JCC leadership

The force Is growing

And demanding

It’s pound of flesh!

In marriage Is OUT

Inter Marriage and out-Marriage is IN

Israel is their undoing

Jewish culture their nemesis

Ignorance is bliss.

Assimilation, their god

Idol worship, is

Their frenzied drunken


The tablets are to be broken

Smashed in anger by those who

Who experienced  God!

Bereft and mourning

The Sinai Jews

Shake their heads

Stretch out palms

In surrender


Heads hung low

They cry for Zion

And for the dream

Of a Goldene Medina

For a great people.

In this century

The assimilationists

To their great joy

Will live to know

The last Jew in

North America.

The land of HaTikva

The harbinger of HOPE

For a proud and vital

and ancient Nation

Is the only HOPE

For the Jews who love

Jews, Judaism and

common history.

Israel’s doors must open wide


To the Tired. The Poor

The Huddled Masses

“Yearning to be Jews”

To The homeless, tempest

Torn Remnants

Of a once vital, proud

Self loving community

Of Jews for Jews.

The only HOPE


Is HaTikva






“The Shear Yashuv”

“The remnant”

Must be carried

On eagles



Entebbe, Moses and Solomon


Our mission

Our responsibility


Conserving Judaism

Watering Field


Rabbi Louis Finkelstein

Once declared before

The Rabbinical students

Of the Jewish Theological Seminary that the Conservative

Movement suffered from

Mistaken Identity.

We are by no means “conservative” in our

relationship to Judaism.

“We chose to conserve Judaism

In a dynamic way — conserving

Judaism from the radical reformers of the time”…

and to continue  the

“dynamic” process of the historical  development of Halacha.


and not “conservatism” was the lofty Goal of this this new movement In Jewish life!

Dynamism of a living organism

and not a fossilization of a weary past, was the demand of of the New dawn.

Thinking and acting  from the box about the world outside of the box. This was the call of the  new Jew In America.

But  any message can become

A fossil if not renewed; if not dynamic; if not challenged and adjusted by it’s audience .

It is time for the movement

     To conserve Judaism

          once again.

It is time for the movement

To declare for all to hear

That the unbridled call of the radical reformers for

Assimilation of the Jews

And Judaism

is a death knoll

To living Judaism and

The Jewish People.

That WE Will swim against

The stream

Never to go with its rapid flow.

It is time to declare before

American Judaism that

The box is open

That the box Is a “gift box”

But that the gift needs to

Meet the needs of the recipient .

That the Jews have a past

That the Jews are an ethnicity

That the Jews bear antiquity

And Modernism equally.

Declare before the Jews

That we have a Center

That we have a Direction

That we have a Land

That Israel is our Compass

That wherever we go

We are going to Eretz Yisrael.

That we trust In Hope

And that on a

Day, soon to come,


Will be King

Of all the earth

And on that day

He will be ONE

And His  name ONE.

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