Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – The Yearning Jewish Heart

Lee Diamond – The Yearning Jewish Heart

Yearning can be felt

It fills the chest

It’s a real need

Never to be quenched

It’s akin to a

lone traveler in a desert

Thirsting for water

And continuing

To thirst.

It determines direction

It determines life

In itself

It determines time

The thirst calls for a


In Time

“Next Year”

This yearning

Rejects forgetting

“If I Forget Thee”

The yearning is an

Inner rage

A fire!

Never to be extinguished

It is everyday

Every moment

Without it

Our tongues dry

And we can no longer


Out of thirst

It consumes us.

Wherever we go

It leads us

It’s always our

Final statement

At all moments

Of joy and longing

Next Year and Next


Once we reach this


Once we drink of

It’s waters

We need more..

It remains a thirst

For we’ve been conditioned

To Yearn

Yearning is our very being

Yearning Is Home

Yearning is “Yah.”

Yearning  is   הומיה

Yearning for Home

As long as we yearn

There Is Hope

As long as we thirst

There Is future

As long as we yearn

We remain Jews



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