Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – The Self Flagellating Jew

Lee Diamond – The Self Flagellating Jew

“Because of our sins

We were exiled

from our land”

The Babylonians?

The Romans?

They get off

Scott free!

We sit and mourn

By the rivers of Babylon

And remember

Our sins!

Not those of our enemy

They were only the tools

Of our punishment

For OUR sins

Sins of Idolatry

Sins of baseless hatred!

Our suffering is our fault

See “Aicha”

See lamentations

Hear Jeremiah

“From the North

Will the evil come”

But it’s your

Punishment for yourself

North in Hebrew is צפן

 צפן is the root

Of conscience

We self destruct by our

Guilt and conscience

We take the blame

For all our failures!

When our trains crash

We are guilty

When Jews are murdered

We are guilty

When we fight for our lives

We are guilty

Forget the Cossack

Forget the Poles

Forget the Germans

Or the Dutch or French

WE were guilty of


Of Causing God

To hide his face from us!

And now

As we defend ourselves

From Hamas

From the Syrians

From Hizballah

We are again guilty

Again and Again

My soul weeps

For my people

We still sit at the

Rivers of Babylon

And Accuse Ourselves

And remember.


That’s just what they want!

They know us.!

They know that we self accuse

They are waiting for our self destruct

If we allow it

It won’t be a dream!



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