One Family – Rockets and Trauma Leave Their Mark

One Family – Rockets and Trauma Leave Their Mark

Residents of the south – already deeply traumatized by three wars with Hamas – relived their worst fears yet again as terrorists launched more than 130 rockets and mortars at Israel on Tuesday. It was the worst flare-up of violence from the Gaza Strip since Operation Protective Edge in 2014.


Israeli forces responded with air raids on Hamas and Islamic Jihad positions. They also uncovered a massive terror tunnel that reached half a mile into Israel. It was one of the largest tunnels discovered to date.


A fragile cease-fire appeared to hold on Wednesday. Israeli leaders had warned that the terror had pushed Israel to the “closest it’s been to the brink of war” with Gaza since the end of the 2014 conflict, which lasted 50 days and cost more than 70 Israeli lives.


At least five Israelis were wounded, including three soldiers stuck by shrapnel. A rocket hit a home in Netivot. Other buildings were damaged, including a kindergarten. Sharpnel is strewn across playgrounds.


Some of the rockets and mortars were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, saving many lives. But there is no Iron Dome to protect Israelis from the trauma, fear, and panic of every siren, every explosion, every anxious run  to the bomb shelter.


OneFamily is there to provide the emotional support southern residents need. We have 16 years of experience working with trauma victims, helping them learn to cope with their pain so they could function in the world.


Only resilience will defeat the scourge of terror. OneFamily helps people suffering from trauma build the resilience they need.


In these times, Israelis need hope.


OneFamily is hope. But we can’t do it without you.



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