Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – To Our brothers and sisters in the diaspora-On a Wagon bound for Market

Lee Diamond – To Our brothers and sisters in the diaspora-On a Wagon bound for Market

To Our brothers and sisters in the diaspora


Humility Is what is called forth now.

“And the man Moses was a very humble man.”

The greatest leaders In Our history we’re humble.

Your sisters and brothers in Israel are facing the enemies

Of OUR people daily.

From the north In Syria

From the Hizbollah in Lebanon

From the north In Iran

From the south west in Gaza

From the east  from Abbas

All of these intent on destructive

Of Israel and the Jews.

Yes, the Jews!

Our children In the north

Sleep in bunkers

Our fields In the south west

Are burning

Our young soldiers are

On high alert


Yet we are silent and live

Our lives as if we are secure

Our young pilots defend and

Counter attack when necessary

Risk their lives on every mission

And are unknown to all but their


There are no victory marches

Just humility in our survival

And our brothers and sisters

Leaders of diaspora Jewry

Criticize us for “aggression”

For being “trigger happy”

For whipping up the Middle East

Into a frenzy of war.

Humility Please!

You’re not sleeping in bunkers

You’re children are not awakened by missiles

You’re not flying missions

To protect your people

And you are ignorant

Of the way to protect

Your fellow Jews.

Humility is your only possible reaction.

And know that Israel

Will stand humbly at your side


Respectfully and with deep  caring.


On a Wagon bound for Market

When we were weak

You laughed at us.

You asked : Why don’t

You fly like the swallow

Winging swiftly through

The sky

You laughed and asked

Why we remain calves?

Why not be The swallow?

We heard you!

We traded in our mournful eye

For a new vision ; a seeing

Eye .

And an outstretched arm

And a mighty hand

But with an ever strong memory

Of that mournful eye

Never a calf again to be

But never the farmer

Driving  toward the slaughter!

And now you damn us

For no longer swallowing

Your contempt, your laughter

Your derision

But once a calf learns to fly

There is no return

Once a Swallow

Once free to soar

The only limit

Is the mournful eye

That Is Now in our very


Just know

That It is you who


And it is We who learned

To fly.









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