Michael Shine

Michael Shine – HAMAS

Michael Shine – HAMAS

Maybe it’s because I live in Israel. Maybe it’s because I am a Jew. Or maybe it is because I am a rational human being, but I am really having a problem understanding some prominent figures in the western world (not to mention some in the Middle East too!).

O.K. Jeremy Corbyn I understand, He hates Israel, always has done and he is blatant about it.

The South African government recalling their ambassador because they want Israel to stop occupying Gaza – well that is obvious, they don’t read newspapers or listen to the news so they don’t know that Israel left that forsaken strip of land quite some time ago, I can forgive them their total ignorance and stupidity. After all I do not believe that there is a cure for stupidity.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin Micheal Mac Donncha, a supporter of BDS, wants to boycott next year’s Eurovision contest, because, heaven forbid, it will be in the capital of Israel, Jerusalem (despite the fact that his country gave this year’s winner, Israeli singer Netta, 13 points), well he is just an ignorant shyte!

António Guterres, the UN Secretary General who thinks that Israel should not have the right to defend itself.

Let’s not talk about Erdogan, the world knows that he is a buffoon.

We mustn’t forget to mention all those left-wing journalists all over the world who have difficulty writing a true story and constantly make up lies about Israel in an endeavour to cover up their ignorance.

One of the worst news outlets for fabrication has to be The New York Times that makes a regular habit of lying about Israel.

Unfortunately the ones above are not the only ones – there are too many others to mention!

What I really want to know is, all these useful idiots, what would they do if they were peacefully sitting in their homes, eating their Sunday lunch, and they heard that their hooligan terrorist neighbours had gathered together in their hundreds and thousands with the intent of coming to invade them and their families and kill them, in any way that they could, with Molotov cocktails, butcher’s cleavers, large rocks, and guns too if they could get their hands on them?  Would they invite them in for coffee?

What would the UK, or France or Germany, or for that matter the very peace loving Irish do, if hordes of armed men tried to storm their borders with a declared intent of killing their citizens in any way that they could?

All of these countries, that know without any shadow of a doubt (although they are not prepared to admit it), that the billions of dollars in aid given to the Gazan TERRORIST leadership Hamas as aid is used to purchase weaponry, build terror tunnels to try and infiltrate Israeli territory and kill Israelis, pay terrorists a salary and stipend if they manage to harm Israelis, and Oh! Yes, lest we forget, to fill the private bank accounts of the Hamas terrorist leadership – but they say nothing and continue to give them money.

How much of this donated money actually goes to improving the lot of the private citizens of Gaza? Very little, if any at all. Are there new hospitals? Are there new schools? Are there new blocks of flats?

Yet these useful idiots do nothing other than to continue giving them more and more money. What do they say? They say that Israel should treat these attackers with kid gloves and not harm those that are coming to kill them.

Let us all get something clear here. If someone is coming at you and trying to kill you, not one of the useful idiots would say “Yes – it’s OK for them to come, I won’t harm them”. Each and every one of them would want someone with a gun to kill the terrorist before he has the chance to do them or their family harm.

It is a tragedy that so many Gazans want to be martyrs. It is a tragedy that Hamas manipulates the Gazan population into this situation. It is a tragedy that from an early age Gazan children are indoctrinated with hate and the desire to kill. And the biggest and worst tragedy is that the useful idiots such as those listed above, and the lying and deceitful journalists with no moral fibre, all club together to castigate Israel for defending itself.

It is about time that world leaders who know the truth but refuse to admit it, don’t all stand up and tell Hamas enough is enough, and that they will not get another dollar until the money is used for the good of the people not just for the good of the corrupt Hamas terrorist leadership.

Israel will continue to defend its citizens. Israel does not want to kill Gazans, but be clear, if Gazans continue to attack Israel’s border, on their own head be it. They have been warned time and time again, leave Israel alone and Israel will not harm you – attack Israel and suffer the consequences!

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