Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – To: the Palestinian People From: an Israeli Jew

Lee Diamond – To: the Palestinian People From: an Israeli Jew

When will you come to your

Senses ?

When will your minds overcome your emotions?

Why do you sacrifice your children for an impossible dream?

Why do you hate?

How many more of us have to die before reaching the only possible conclusion?

Israel is here to stay!

You can wish It away

But it is here forever.

You are missing the chance

Of our lifetime

To make the deal

For your people and ours

To have a state of your own

We, the Jews are ready

To live beside you

We the Jews are ready to

Strike the deal

Of your lifetime

And ours.

This war is an illusion

It will never end

Or achieve any goal

It will only bring death

To you and to Israelis

You can not win

Nor can we

We must live side by side

So God has ordained.

Lower your kites

Cease in your Molotov cocktails

The fence is barbed

And will cut all human flesh

If you cut it , we will rebuild it Higher

If you breach It, we will

Capture and repel you

If you attack, we will respond

In kind

If you win publicity points

We will reach for even more.

You can only win

When you accept Israel

And when you do

You will be accepted by  Israel and you will stand

Equally among the nations of the world.

To All Palestinians

Mothers, Fathers, sons and daughters.

You can not win this war

It is an unfathomable goal

We  are both here

We will both remain here

You’ve been told that the

Jews are evil

And we’ve been told to fear you

But neither of us

Are evil nor must be feared

Because it Is the will

Of the Almighty

That we dwell together

Side by Side

In Shalom Salaam Peace

“NO More War

No  More  Bloodshed”

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