Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Standing in Unity

Lee Diamond – Standing in Unity

It was 11 am

Yom ha Zikaron

The sirens blared

For two minutes

All over the Jewish State

Everyone; Everything

Stopped and

Stood at Attention

Not a word uttered

Not a sound to be heard

Utter thoughts filled the


Jewish boys and girls

Jewish men and women

Bankers and laborers

All bonded as one

Remembering the loss

That gave us continued


Our Memorial Day is

Alive with memory

Of Jewish kids; our Jewish husbands;

And Jewish wives—who fell

So that we could stand

Erect, vital yet tearful and

Soul deprived

Every living Jew

Must mourn

Every living Jew


Must remember

That Jews live today

Because of them

Diaspora Jews

Israeli Jews

Haredi Jews

Secular Jews

Reform &

Conservative Jews

And Atheist Jews

Because Of them

We must stand together

In silence

All Jews everywhere

All of us

On Yom Ha Zikaron

Of the Jews

Without them

We would not be.

For this day is a Yom

Like Yom Kippur

Without memory

We are not.

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