The importance of learning English for integration into the job market

The importance of learning English for integration into the job market

English is not just a global language it is also the common language of business the world over. As both business and communication become globalized, so there is a need for a common written and spoken language that can be understood and accepted across borders. And although other languages, like Spanish and Chinese, are relevant, for various historic reasons English has become the language in which most of the world’s business is conducted.


How English conquered the world


There are two main reasons for the dominance of English around the world. In brief, they are the former dominance of the British Empire, which left the English language as its legacy in territories it formerly ruled, and the more recent and current status of the United States of America as a world power, particularly in global and business terms. Just as the dollar is the most widely accepted currency internationally, so English is the most widely accepted language.


Work internationally


Learning English is vital if you hope to work in an international capacity. Not only will it enable you to work abroad more easily it will also enable you to work with international clients. Even those multinational firms that were not founded in an English-speaking country today tend to use English as their default language.


Increased opportunities


If you’re about to leave school or university to enter the job market for the first time, then learning English to business level will greatly increase the number of opportunities open to you as well as your overall employability. HighQ courses in English will allow you to become confident and fluent in a global language that will impress employers and give you a clear advantage over other candidates.


Learning a second language of any kind demonstrates intelligence, diligence, self-discipline and a strong work ethic, and choosing English shows that you are ambitious and career-minded- qualities valued by employers.


Stay up to date


The internet is now the main medium for storing and communicating information, and most online content is in English. This means that being able to read English is essential if you want to stay up to date with the latest news and research, whatever your chosen field. It also allows you to communicate more easily over this medium and to make use of its great strength- the ability to instantly connect people from all over the world.


Demonstrate your competence


As well as learning English you should try to speak it without a strong accent. That will enable you to demonstrate your fluency and competence in the language clearly and will reduce the risk of you being misunderstood. Native English speakers may mistake a strong accent for not being able to understand English too well. That, in turn, could harm your career and your chances of promotion. So if English is one of your strengths, don’t let your accent be your weakness.


With English as the global language of business and business becoming increasingly globalized, learning English is the best thing you can do to improve your chances of employment, whether you want to work in Israel or abroad.



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