Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Light and Tunnels

Lee Diamond – Light and Tunnels

We’re told that we’re to Be

“A light unto the nations”

By our actions

We’re to demonstrate

En”light”enment —

To show The inner light

Contained in the

Universe—the light of the


We’re to be examples

Of that light

Thus illuminating

The darkness and black smoke

that covers our polluted world.

Yet every Israeli knows

That when we see

Light at the end of the tunnel

It’s often a train

Speeding toward us.

To trample any light

To destroy it

And to burn the smoke

Of tires to blacken

Light and vision and

Delight and Hope

How can one strike a match?

How can one light the flame?

In the darkness

of hatred

For the vision

and the visionary

Some try to see—

To declare the light

yet Some seek to blacken

The sky

Of  any hope


We must

Shine the light

Upon ourselves

And on the ugly

The haters  and the hatred

And we must be brighter

Than their  darkness

We must be


“For out of  Zion shall go forth the



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