Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Zionism is Jewish Power


Lee Diamond – Zionism is Jewish Power

It’s said that “power corrupts”

Yet the lack of power



leaves one

helpless; Fearful;


Better to be impotent?

Or at risk of corruption?

For too many years

Jews were dependent

Waiting for “self control”

Waiting for an outside source

To restore power to us.

We prayed for power

We begged for power

We longed for power

We took power!

Zionism is Jewish power

Zionism is taking control

Zionism is an assertion

Of self determination

Zionism is rejection

of Weakness

Of Impotence

Zionism is nationhood

Firm and proud.

But power can,

and very often does

Lead to corruption

The Jewish prophets

Affirmed power

But railed against


These very same


Called for

Jewish Power

With Jewish morality.

Let us glory In Jewish Power

But decry hypocrisy

Of self aggrandizement

Let us be Israel

Let us assert power

And dismiss the fearful

Among us

And among the nations

Let us Renew our days

As of old.

Let there be Jewish power

Let there be Zionism

And let us be

A light

Within ourselves

Of Jewish morality

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