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Sabine Sterk – Futilities

Sabine Sterk – Futilities

What keeps Israel?

We all know the world is on fire again. Dictators from several countries are trying to show muscles. We have a nice guy in Turkey mister Erdogan; we have Putin, we have Kim Jong-un. We have our “democratic” Arabic leaders, Assad and others and do not forget the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At the other side, we also have macho Trump. Altogether, a nice bunch of persons that one by one is already a potential danger.



Nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran are just completing the picture of the safety of the world.

Between all this swagger and muscles, we see a little spot in the darkness, Israel. The country with the high-tech industry, with the high-quality humanitarian aid programs and the country that excels in (personal) security. Hated by almost the entire world, there is almost no happier place then beloved Israel. A true miracle, how can such a small country survive between all this danger?

Is it a perfect political country, is there nothing wrong? Of course, there are political difficulties, so the mostly left winged parties are now accusing the prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu that he took cigars from a rich person and are complaining about corruption. It is almost laughable, of course in a perfect world a political leader must be with 100% unspoken behavior. But this is no perfect world. A prime minister is a human being and can be mistaken. Perfectly fine that he has to explain his behavior, even most pay a fine but Benjamin Netanyahu is for foreign politics almost perfect, with the charismatic speeches he puts Israel to a higher level. Sometimes one should use common sense. The fault that he took cigars against the value he has for Israel… I know what I would choose, let him represent Israel everywhere.

In this dangerous world, Israel should stick together as one. It is a shame that big groups of people now, at this very moment are calling to replace Netanyahu. As if they are blind to the danger that is surrounding them. Hezbollah, Hamas, Assad regime, IS. They bring division within the people and they bring division within the army and division is weakening the army. Surrounded by billions of (potential) enemies that is a life-threatening danger for Israel.

For the religious people, of course, Hashem is the one and only protector of Israel, but besides that Israel’s power is the unanimity between her people in times of wars, this together with very smart technology, with an extremely strong army should keep Israel. The hope of the Jews in the diaspora to be able to return one time to the Jewish homeland will provide the necessary positive energy.

In this times, when the world is on fire.. our safety and happiness must not depend on 101 futilities, remember that every day is presented to us like an eternity to be happy

Stand with Israel, Am Yisrael Chai

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