Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – The Voyage of the Damned

A group of refugee children pictured on the MS St Louis. Among those pictured, Walter and Herbert Karliner (both bottom left) went on to survive the war, but lost their entire family at Auchwitz. Picture: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Don AltmanSource:Supplied

Lee Diamond – The Voyage of the Damned

I am embarrassed to be a Jew

I am ashamed to be an Israeli

My Jewish and Israeli pride is deeply wounded

The People who were enslaved in bondage

The People who needed refuge

The same People who were denied refuge

By a world of racists who hated us

To the point of rejecting pleas for


That nation is about to be guilty of the crime

That it accuses the world of:



Participation in the potential of

Murder of others that  it can save.


To keep a racist PM

And racist “unGodly”

“Religious parties”

Who fear Jewish blood might  be mixed


the blood of asylum seekers!


By the nation of Israel !

We must shake this nation to the core

Or lose our raison d’être:

“If I’m only for myself, what am I?”

If asylum seekers are to be deported

From Israel

All of us must stand

Millions of us

Arms locked

To physically stop this!

Or let us fade Into history as

a failed State and a failed People .

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