Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Religion or People?18 basic questions!

Lee Diamond – Religion or People?18 basic questions!

*Can a Jew be an atheist?

*Can that Atheist be counted in a minyan of Jews.

*Can an intermarried Jew be counted in an Orthodox  minyan? A conservative minyan? A Reform or Reconstructionist minyan?

*Can an atheist Jew benefit from Israel’s “law of Return?”

*Can a atheist Jew become a Rabbi, a JCC director? A cantor?

* Can a  non-Jew be a Rabbi, a JCC director or a cantor ?

*Can a patrilineal Jew raised as a Jew, educated as a Jew and believing as a Jew be counted as a Jew ? In the Reform, Conservative or  Reconstructionist movement?

* Can a non-Jew be a member of a synagogue?

* Is there gradation of  Jews based upon stream, observance and belief ?

* Can a Reform or Conservative or Reconstructionist convert (Jew by choice) marry a Jew?

* Can a Jew be Anti israel?

*Can a “BDSer or JVPer” be counted as a Jew?

* Can a Jew who converts to another religion

Be counted as a Jew?

* Is a “Jew for Jesus” still a Jew.

* Is a Jew who was not circumcised a Jew ?

*Is someone who claims to be a “JewBu” still considered to be a Jew ?

* Must one have a bar mitzvah to be a Jew?

* Are secular Israelis considered to be Jews ?

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