Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Less Than Angels & Racism and Judaism

Sculpture by International Artist Phillip Ratner

Lee Diamond – Less Than Angels & Racism and Judaism


Less Than Angels

The robot and the Jewish question

Is beginning to surface.

New Shealot and Teshuvot

Must now emerge.

“Who is man ?

That You are mindful of him?

You have made him

a little Less than the angels ?”

(Psalms 8:4)

But what Is man

In the age of AI?

What is the significance

Of man’s creation of

Artificial intelligence

—-Of the robot—

That thinks, pursues,

And acts

That feels, judges

And reacts

That learns and teaches

That performs all human tasks and acts

That grows, that changes

That expands

Whose intelligence is unlimited

And strength is beyond human

Is AI greater than the human ?

Closer to the angels?

Closer even to God ?

Can s/he create morality

Or be moral ?

Will AI go to war?

Or will it end war?

Or beat its metal into


Will AI die or be discarded

Into scrap metal

Or plastic or artificial flesh?

Or will it have an afterlife.?

Will AI dream?




Can humans have emotional

Relations with AI ?

Will AI cry ?

Or laugh

Or feel nachat?

Can A1 drive me on Shabbat?

Or are they like servants, animals and strangers ?

Are they to

Rest on the Shabbat

like humans ?

Are they to be counted

In minyan?

Male or female ?


Is AI less or more than



Is s/he in the divine image?

Or in our image?

Or in  their own image ?

Racism and Judaism

Once we were slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt

And the Lord took us out of there

With a outstretched arm

And a mighty hand.

Forever Jews are commanded and committed to treat any slave, any stranger, any minority amongst them with full respect

Because of the Egyptian    experience of slavery.

This Mitzvah is basic to all of Jewish thought! No Mitzvah is more basic.

If Israel is a Jewish state


Expel those who seek


From within Its borders!

If it does

It will lose Its

Right to be called  A/or

THE Jewish State

And will simply be

“A body without a soul”





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