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Arshad Mehmood/Islamabad-A war of words has been ignited

Arshad Mehmood/Islamabad-A war of words has been ignited after Trump, lashed out against Pakistan

Pakistan Foreign minister broke over  POTUS tweet.

Pakistan needs to revisit its ties with the United States. FM Asif

Pakistan Foreign minister Khawaja Asif through a series of tweets responded ‘bitterly,’ but emotionally about POTUS tweet.In the context of 9/11, Addressing POTUS, Pakistan foreign minister said that, You have asked what did we do? On a single fone call from US president, General Musharaf (The Then ruler of Pakistan) surrendered the whole nation in front of USA; our country witnessed the worse bloodbath. The USA carried out 57,800 attacks on Afghanistan from our bases; US forces were supplied arms and explosives through our soil, thousands of our civilians and soldiers became victims of the war initiated by you, Khawaja Asif tweeted.He added further that in this war Pakistan had lost hundreds of thousands of civilians, armed forces personals including soldiers, captains, majors and generals too.The foreign minister said The history teaches us not to blindly trust the US.

Addressing POTUS, He wrote in another tweet, We considered your enemy as our own, we filled the Guantanamo Bay, we served you with such enthusiasm that we left our country with load shedding and gas shortage. We tried our level best to please you on the cost of our economy; we provided tens of thousands of visas as a result of which the networks of Black Water spread across our country.

Defence Minister Khawaja Asif said in his another tweet that.For the past four years, we have been clearing the debris. Our forces are fighting an unusual war. They are an indefinite history of sacrifices. The past teaches us not to blindly trust the US. We are feeling sorry as you are not happy but we will not compromise on our prestige and dignity, he concluded.

In his tweet of the New Year, POTUS Donald Trump accused Pakistan on Monday of basing its relationship with the US on “nothing but lies and deceit”. He claimed that the US gave $33 billion aid to Pakistan over the last 15 years but in return “they give haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more.

It is aforementioned that Foreign minister Khawaja Asif tweeted in national language Urdu.

Pakistan civilian and military chiefs rejected U.S. comments and summoned U.S. Ambassador David Hale to explain Trump’s tweet.

Relations between Islamabad and Washington have been strained for years over Islamabad’s alleged support for Haqqani network militants, who are allied with the Afghan Taliban.

Talking with prominent anchor person Hamid Mir, in geo news program capital talk, Foreign minister Khawaja Asif said, that Pakistan needs to revisit its ties with the US. The minister further said that in case of any aggression by the US, Pakistan would respond in a manner that would reflect the nation’s will. Khawaja Asif ruled out the perception that Pakistan had been diplomatically isolated.


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