Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Grasping the Miracle, Because It’s Shabbat, and Golda

Lee Diamond – Grasping the Miracle, Because It’s Shabbat, and Golda

Grasping the Miracle

It’s in our midst

We are In the moment

It’s all around us

Yet we see It not

Eyes have we

Ears have we

Touch have we

Fragrance surrounds us

Yet our lips speak not

Of the miracle


3000 years since Egyptian slavery

And exodus

And yet another exodus and again

Exodus after Exodus

2000 years of dreaming

2000 years of slavery


The wandering Jew


Broken, powerless


Foreigners everywhere

Living  on memories

And prayers only


And tears chanting:

We remember

We remember

Thee Tzion


And a great miracle happened

Here and there

And everywhere

God gave us a chance

To start again

And our tongues were


And sang

Songs of redemption


Eyes cried in joy

And heard the song

Of Hear O Israel


And we built

And were rebuilt

And our children

Saw the miracle and

Created more


And then we were

So much part of

The miracle

That we thought we deserved it


We became the miracle

But could no longer

Discern it

It was taken for granted

And became everyday


Miracles need to be seen

Need to be experienced

Need to shine in candles

On our window sills

And in our own eyes


When the miracle is everyday

It loses its luster, it’s heat, it’s passion

And without the brilliance

Miracles recede

And youth and renewal

Grow old and lose vitality


Jews, the world over—

Feel the beat

Of your hearts pumping

New purified



We are Israel

And Israel forever

IS a wonder of wonders

A miracle of miracles


And must be seen




And relived

As we sit in our home

Walk by the way

As we lie down and we rise up


Write it on your doorpost

And on your gates

And on your arms

And forehead


For the miracle is in our midst

And we in its midst!

Because It’s Shabbat

Once upon a time

On a Shabbat morning

In Jerusalem

An observant Jewish tourist

Looked from the balcony

Of his host’s home

And observed a man

Washing his car


He asked his observant host

“Why is this man washing his car TODAY ?

Why on Shabbat?”


And the host replied with a gentle smile:


“Because it’s Shabbat”


3 Jews:


  1. An observant Jewish tourist
  2. A secular Israeli Jew.
  3. A religiously observant Israeli Jew


  1. The tourist was left totally puzzled by the answer.
  2. The secular Israeli who observed “his” Shabbat
  3. The religiously observant

Israeli who “got it.”


Are you puzzled ?


You don’t  “get it”?


How can Shabbat be secular?

Isn’t Shabbat by definition

A day imitating God’s


Of creation


Yes my fellow Jews


Shabbat CAN be secular!


For many in Israel

Shabbat is special


It Is family time

It Is a day of appreciation

Of the Land

Of the beauty of creation

Of Eretz Yisrael

Of family meals and

Family rejoicing



With no agenda!


It’s time to spend

Doing the special Things

That time doesn’t allow

In the daily flow of life.


Shabbat is different from the

daily flow of everyday time

Why ?


Because for all Jewish Israelis


“It’s SHABBAT !”


Get it?


Golda : the Apikoras and the Am Haretz



“We came here to create a nation of apikorsim

And instead we created a nation of ignorant Jews” “Amhaartzin” Golda


An “Apikorus” is a deeply educated Jew

Who on the basis of serious knowledge and thought rejects The Jewish God idea.


An “Am HaAretz” is the Jew who is ignorant of Jewish thought, knowledge and history and yet rejects it all as irrelevant.


For Golda, a knowledgeable Apikorus was a

Compliment. Only an Apikorus could rebuild the new Jew.


A Jewish fool, an empty shell of a Jew had no basis or content  upon which to build.


A new nation needed a foundation.

A new nation needed the old.

A new nation needed content.

Before one renews one must have a past.


Herzl referred to it as the Altneuland

The Old New Land. He knew that a castle

Must be built on foundations and not on shifting sands, not on dunes, but by knowledgeable builders.


Tel Aviv needed the Tel


But we threw away the baby with the wash waters .

We became a nation of amharatzim (Jewish ignoramuses) and rejected the unknown.


Knowledge was left to Jewish extremists

Knowledge was cordoned off to the Mea Shearim and B’nai Brak Black world of the old, knowledgeable but rejecting the new Jew,


Why don’t  our kids study the Siddur?

Why don’t our kids study oral law?

Why don’t our kids study Jewish values?


Why don’t our kids learn Rashi ?


What about modern Jewish philosophy?


We condemn Jewish knowledge

To the black ghettos of Israel

And build a State based upon our

Own Jewish ignorance

Passed on to a new generation

Of modern Jewish am “ha Aretzim”


The Haredim will stay in their self imposed

Ghetto and contribute little


The new Jew still has a chance

To be  “Re” New Jewed”

And with it to


Re Create a



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