Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Jerusalem Oh Jerusalem & ONLY THE JEWS

Lee Diamond – Jerusalem Oh Jerusalem & ONLY THE JEWS

Jerusalem Oh Jerusalem

King David danced wildly

Before the holy Ark

As he led a national

Procession to his city.

The city that David built

Was to become

The center

The center of our world

The earthly image

Of a heavenly abode

The city of the throne

Of the Holy  Nameless One.


David was drunk with joy

Unaware of appearances

As he threw his head backward

In passion

And his skirts flew widely

In the dance uniting

a people with earthly


Ir shalom

City of peace

City of wholeness

Of completion

Of a truly united nation.

A U.N.


3000 years ago

David the King of Israel

Named our capital city.



As was Paris

London unknown

Amman, Teheran

Athens, all to be

In a distant future



Jerusalem  named

Known to all since eternity


The envy of Its world

The clarion call of all

Peoples and religions

Foreign conquerers

Besieged her

All to be defeated


And Jerusalem

Remained above our

Highest joy

We never turned our backs

To her

Our very faces adored her

From our exile from her


And our voice was heard

In the heavens above

And on the earth beLow


And Jerusalem

Our only capital

Returned to our hands

By the hand of God!


Forever —

David, king of Israel

Lives forever in Jerusalem

And the heavenly Jerusalem

Is only a

Local call!


Keep dancing

Oh Israel

A frenzied soul dance

Of passion!



195 states in this world

All have determined their capital city.

All other states accept their determination


Only one state

Only the Jewish state

Is denied recognition

Of its capital


With the exception of the

Czech Republic

All 194 states reject


As the capital of Israel


Not only so called

Arab states

But all states

Reject Israel’s capital city

Yet this has been the capital city of the Jewish people

For longer than most other states existence.


Jerusalem has been occupied

Yes “occupied”

By the Greeks, the Romans,

The Mamelukes, the Ce rusaders, the Turks over many centuries

But never chosen as capital city

By any occupying nation


Only the Jews called Jerusalem

Capital City

Both in ancient Israel

And in modern Israel


Only the Jews carried Jerusalem

In their mouths, hearts and souls

Wherever they were exiled to

And yet

194 nations reject

Jerusalem as Israel’s





Anti Semitism ?

Jew hatred.


Why only Jerusalem?

Why only Israel?

Why only the Jews?


There’s a poem

Called: “From the heights of Mt. Scopus”

Which ends with two lines

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem

We will NEVER move from here

Jerusalem, May the Messiah come!”


Jerusalem, May SHALOM come!





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