Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Yes and No כן ולא

Lee Diamond – Yes and No כן ולא

Shimon Peres Z”l was

One of the great leaders

Of Israel

He was a man of peace

—a man of stature and vision.

Who spoke the language

Of the old/new Israel.


As president he brought honor

To the state as he spoke to

The world

He represented the best of Israel.


He convinced Rabin to follow the way of compromise for peace.

Rabin followed his lead and brought us to the brink of peace.


But Peres was not a politician

He was seen as weak as a politician

“Yes and no” (ken vi Lo) was his title

In the world of politics and among the people.


Israel demanded  a “Yes OR No” Man!

Not  a Yes “AND” No man.


NO shades of gray Wo/Man.


Compromise for Israelis

Spells weakness

The Middle course for the

Israeli is insecure

And frightening.


But this is our great error!

It’s our undoing!

It leads to the extremism

Which characterizes our

Society today.


Truth lies in compromise

Truth lies in our ability

To hear the Yes AND the No

In Our ability to see shades

Of black and white

In our willingness to

Compose a colorful

And dynamic canvas

Reflecting the beautiful

Reality of a colorful

And wise people and nation.


We can differ

We can argue our point

To the bitter end

But we need to

Seek the balance

To learn

The art of  compromise

To allow the nation of

Israel to achieve the


Wisdom of Solomon


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