Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Inspiration

Lee Diamond – Inspiration

Some call It a muse

Some call It a breath

Some call It a guardian angel

From on high

Some are affected by it

Often changed by it

Buber refers to it as as

As I/Thou

Or I Eternal/Thou


You can’t request it

Nor prepare for it

It’s a gift of

Unknown origin

Arriving in its own time


You will never see It

It’s ethereal

Yet capturing

And real


The moment produces


And you never recover

Its influence pervades

Like a bright light

From within

To without

You breathe in and it breathes out


Someone once declared:

“I saw the radiation

On your face

Your face shone

Like Moses descending


Star struck “


Alive like never before

Or since


A vision

Of “Insight”


It leaves you

But as never before


A “Malach Elyon”

A messenger

From the King of Kings

Embracing the soul


And All of us

Yes All

Are inspired

By the “Spirit”

It’s Soul Speak



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