Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – A Psalm of Praise to Bezeq

Lee Diamond – A Psalm of Praise to Bezeq

He came an hour late

10-12 became 1 pm

Yet I waited


He arrived!

NO apologies for lateness


Young, Yemenite with long

Kinky payot tucked

Behind his ears

Khakis and a T-shirt


No nonsense guy!

Right to work

“What’s the problem?”

He said.

“No internet”

said I


He’s 23 yo

I’m 77 yo

He: a Yemenite

Me: “Americanite”

Me: clean shaven

He: payot


We both heard HaTikva from the

Local school yard

I stood at attention

He kept working


Do you know HaTikva said I

Yea said he : “Naftali Hertz Imbar”


—But I don’t stand at attention

For his song

To stand at attention is

“Hukkat ha goyim”

A goyishe custom!


Jews say “tehilim” -psalms

That’s our way to show respect


“We praise God

For Israel

Standing up is empty!

It’s an imitation of the “goyim”


But, I understand” said he

“I respect you and your ways”

But Tehilim is my way


Two Jews

Two Israelis

One with a short black beard and  payot

One clean shaven and  a conservative Rabbi

One a Bezek technician


One able to fix phones like a wiz- kid

One retired Rabbi and Jewish educator with few useful skills.


Fixing phones and discussing the meaning of the State of Israel and Jewish theology.


All part of a  normal day in the holy Land.



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