Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Jewish or Jews & Stuck in the Middle East

The Bat Mitzvah girl and Rabbi Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Jewish or Jews & Stuck in the Middle East

Jewish or Jews


Will Herberg authored an important American  sociological concept in his book:


“Protestant Catholic and Jew” *


Protestant religion

Catholic religion

Jewish religion


All adjectives

And no nouns


We were  Americans  of  Jewish persuasion


They were Protestant and Catholic  Americans of their own persuasion


We loved it!

We were Americans just like them

Different strokes for the same folks


Same language

Same history

Same Thanksgiving

Same 4th of  July

Same national anthem

Same literature

Same music

Same dress

Same curriculum in schools

Same flag

Same nationality


We were Jewish Americans



Emancipation required Assimilation

As the entrance fee to America

A Cheap ticket


No more nouns

No longer a separate people

Or separate Culture

Or language

Or separate literature or history

Now adjectives — “Jew” ish


And we became THEM in our own eyes

Not like them



And we lost US


To the point of being unrecognizable As US.


Nothing in common with ourselves

Nothing in common with our own  narrative


We forgot Jerusalem

And we withered

We could no longer speak

Because we were

No longer Jews.


Just modified Americans


* Will Herberg—1955



Stuck in the Middle East


Bibi is now at 10 Downing Street

complaining about the

Balfour Declaration.

100 years ago, Lord Balfour

Started a process that was to

Become the beginning of Jewish  National redemption.


He is asking for an apology—

We didn’t get it all, claims Bibi


Abbas, is also demanding an

Apology from the British for the same declaration!


An apology to the Palestinians for

Creating the problem with The Balfour “fiasco”— As they refer to it.


Imagine the British demanding an Apology from the Americans for the

Boston tea party !


Imagine the native Americans

Demanding an apology for the celebration of Thanksgiving!


Or a demand from Mexico; an  apology for the annexation of Texas as a result of the Mexican American war.


Wars are fought

There are winners and losers

Spoils go to the victors

Losers must come to terms

Alliances are formed

Alliances change

Promises declared

Promises modified


Governments determine in their

Own best interests.


Bibi is living a dead dream – stuck!

Abbas Is stuck in dead dream


Both of them stuck

And both unable to move on.


The apology must come from both to their own peoples.


They are causing their own children

To fight a senseless and useless war and sacrificing our children.

In A war without a victor

A unending war



Hear us

We don’t even want your  apology



Don’t condemn us to your insanity

Of Blame and counter blame


Let Our Peoples Go!




The peoples of Israel and Palestine






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