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Just a note to my friends in Momentum and, of course, the Labour Party – not forgetting Hamas, Hezbollah and Ken Livingstone: there’s much more protesting ahead of us than behind.

On Thursday last, I urged the UK government to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration by unilaterally recognizing Palestine. On Saturday, there was magnificent protest on the streets of London against the infamous document. More should be organised. (Actually, to be honest, more should have attended but I put that down to Jewish control of traffic lights on the streets of London.)

The centenary of the Balfour Declaration has gone, but we may guard against people forgetting the unqualified support the British gave to the Jews for the following 30 years which enabled them to create a state at the expense of the peaceable Arabs.

Several other opportunities lie ahead. We should start gearing up now for world-wide protests about the way the Declaration was adopted several times after 1917.

First, we must arrange demonstrations in Damascus on 29 January 2019 at the way Mr Chekri Ganem spoke at the post WWI peace conference in Versailles in favour of Jewish autonomy in what he expected would be part of Southern Syria. This is what the misguided fool, speaking for Emir Feisal, said:

“…. there are few small nations who have suffered so much as the people of Syria….. Palestine is incontestably the Southern portion of our country. The Zionists claim it. We have suffered too much from sufferings resembling theirs, not to throw open wide to them the doors of Palestine. All those among them who are oppressed in certain retrograde countries are welcome. Let them settle in Palestine, but in an autonomous Palestine, connected with Syria by the sole bond of federation. Will not a Palestine enjoying wide internal autonomy be for them a sufficient guarantee?

If they form the majority there, they will be the rulers. If they are in the minority, they will be represented in the government in proportion to their numbers.

Now don’t tell me that that is not worth blocking up the Al-Hamidiyah Souq souk in Damascus for a whole Friday afternoon on the centenary of that infamous speech (although I have a dentist’s appointment that day so I send my apologies in advance for my unavoidable absence).

Then between 19 to 26 April 2020 we need to protest the goings-on at the San Remo conference a hundred years before. It was at San Remo that Article 22 of the League of Nations Covenant, which contained the general rules to be applied to all the former parts of the Ottoman Empire (written two months before the signing of the Versailles Peace Treaty) were approved. Naturally, this extended to the infamous Mandate over Palestine, favouring the Jews, that the Balfour Declaration had envisaged. Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Greece and Belgium should all feel the heat of our protest at their wanton dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire which paved the way for the Jewish State, so beneficently enabled by successive British governments under the Mandate that followed the Balfour Declaration. (Whilst I am not an unqualified supporter of all Japanese actions, I am prepared to lead the protests in Ginza. As leader and Prime Minister-in-waiting, I must be prepared to make some sacrifices.)

Then there will be another opportunity, in August 2020 to protest the illegitimacy of the Balfour Declaration. The Treaty of Sèvres, which officially abolished the Ottoman Empire, was signed on 10 August 1920. It sanctioned the creation of Mandatory Palestine and was signed by the UK, France, Italy, Armenia. Protests in all their capitals must be held. (I may have to give eastern Turkey a miss. Possibly another dental event.)

In July 2022, a final street demonstration, and a noisy one, should be held in all the capitals of all the members of The League of Nations for they adopted the Declaration verbatim (which was likewise set out in the mandate document) promulgated by Council of the League of Nations on 24 July 1922. That’s the original 42 member nations from 1920 and ten others who had joined by 1922. Space does not permit me to list them all here, comrades, but you can see them for yourselves at:

Was there ever a clearer exposition of the strength of the International Jewish Conspiracy than this? It was bad enough that nations of the League could have been so effectively suborned by the all-powerful influence of international Jewry: brothers, we shall not add insult to injury by letting that infamy pass without suitable protest in every capital of the signatory nations. Think of it: over fifty nations fell for the calumny of the Balfour Declaration. Join with me in protesting all of them. Of course, the original sin was British but if so many others fell for the despicable Jewish trick perpetrated by Weizmann, they too should feel our resentment.

© Howard Epstein – November 2017 [*As envisioned by the author]

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