Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Heart and Soul

Lee Diamond – Heart and Soul


Politically Incorrect


Let’s call a spade a spade!

NO hesitation whatsoever!

Murderers for a god figure

Murderers for a religion

Are the basest of all forms of life


ISIS is pure evil

Islamic State is venomous


The religion that they promote

Is the antithesis of correct

It is the worship of devil

It is the worship of self righteousness

It is the attempt to rule with terror and blasphemy


It is an attempt to destroy the other.

It is the claim that “I own God”


It allows for beheading in the name of my god


It allows for trampling multiple  innocents for a god.


It allows for vengeance

In the name of a god.


When religion asserts its god

Over all other god ideas

It destroys god



Mass murder in the name of any god concept is punishable

By all and every means available to humanity.


Mass murder is holocaust

Mass murder must be punished

With all the venom

Of decency.


It is crusade

It is pogrom


It is war against humanity

As a whole.


Every world religion

—All of civilization

That is not “pig headed”


Must eliminate this scourge

From our midst

For it will destroy

Mankind and God


Diaspora Rabbis and Israel

A group of diaspora rabbis

Object to Israel’s foreign policy re. Myanmar.


What Chutzpah!

They view Israel as their Shul!

Israel!s government as their Shul board!

We’re all Jews

Some of us speak for our Shul

Some of us speak for our local community

Some of us speak as citizens

Of the country we reside In

And some of us can speak for the

Diaspora as a whole !


Some of us are citizens of Israel

Some of us struggle daily

With our values and policies as

A Sovereign State

A Jewish and democratic State.


Some of us defend the state with

Our bodies

Some of us send our children

To defend the state of the Jews


Some of us  tragically sacrifice ourselves

And our families

Just so that there can be a Jewish State Of Israel.

We can criticize ourselves

We can demand

Of our government

We can demonstrate “against” it

Or ‘For” this government WE choose!

We pay taxes

We build it with the sweat of our brow


And we can tell the rabbis

Of the great diaspora that they

Are welcome to to join the Jewish

Journey of the miracle of Israel.


Not from their heightened pulpits

And donned in  Rabbinical robes

Of their  foreign lands


But as simple Jews

Seeking to enhance the the miracle


That we prayed for

–2000 years of prayer

–and now for almost 70 years of  Jewish


Democratic   Freedom


We all know that there will be no victor

We all know what the final  borders will be

We all know that we are  two separate nations

We all know what war accomplishes

We all know what fear is

We all talk of shalom or salaam

We all want the whole package

We all have our extremists who thrive

On power and glory and dead heroes.


And we all sacrifice for no reason

Israel is here to stay

Palestine Is here to stay

Neither will vanish


Yet we delude our selves

With visions of defeat of the other

Visions of deluded fools


Our leaders thrive on the conflict

They become rich from conflict

They know that there Is no winning

They know that we will suffer losses

We, not them!


And we, like sheep, follow their lead.

Instead of controlling our leaders

We follow their thirst for power

And their thirst for wealth.


It’s time for you and me

To meet at the green line

1,000,000 strong

That thin small green line

And lead our leaders

To close the only deal possible

The deal for our future

The deal of our lives.




Where’s the center


Ahad HaAm defined it

As the relationship between

The hub and the spokes.


David Forman described it as broadway

And off broadway.


Babylonian Jewry many years,

Even Centuries before that

Knew that  center over-rode the exile.


European Jewry

North African Jewry

Yemenite Jewry

Mourned the center

And modeled their prayer

And their vision

Toward the center.


Every synagogue faced the center

Even the center faced toward its very



Over the 2000 years of distance

The spokes were humble enough

To hold the center, the hub, above our highest joy.


And then came the rebellious child

And demanded equality or superiority,

to be “spokespeople” of the ancient and sensitive  balance Between hub and spokes.


The weakest links,  the crumbling extensions

From the the vital hub and center

Demanded from afar— superiority — over their essence.

They demanded that the cart proceed the very horse that bore them on its back.


They forgot their status

They forgot their weakness

They forgot their ignorance

They forgot their dependency

Without a hub of strength

There can not be any spokes.

The spokes wither without a backbone.


The wheel can not turn

With withered spokes


The spokes receive

And can never turn the wheel

They are simply extensions of





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