Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – The End of Galut

Lee Diamond – The End of Galut

I told my son

Of my deep embarrassment

about Harvey Weinstein .


His eyes became  blank

He looked at me with



“Why embarrassed Abba?”


“I’m embarrassed that a Jew

Would behave this way!”


“But what does Weinstein’s behavior

Have to do with you? Or Jews


It was hard for me to digest this!

How could my son not feel my pain.

What did I do wrong!

Why had I not passed on this

Ember of Jewish pride and concern to

My own progeny.


And then I continued:

“Did  you know that I read all the credits

After every movie that I see

And search for Jewish names”

And did you know that I read the

Lists of accidents searching for Jewish



“And did you know that Jewish politicians

On the world stage, turn me on?”


“But Jews are just humans! They are good and bad! Why take pride or be embarrassed by Jewish success or failure”!

I can understand Israeli success or failure” I can understand checking for Israeli names!” said  this sabra son of mine!


And then I finally “Got it”


I didn’t fail at all!

Nor did he!


I realized that you can take the Jew out

Of the diaspora

But you can never take the diaspora out of the Jew


I carry the burden

Of the Galut

Of Jews succeeding or failing

Of Jewish acceptance

Into a society

From the narrative of a minority


Israel has succeeded beyond its wildest

Expectation and dream

To create the normal Jew



100% Jews.

In a Jewish majority !


We’ve  actually succeeded

In  creating

“A FREE Jew in his land

In The land of Israel

In Zion.” naftali hertz imber





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