Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Different Strokes: Chaim and Me

Lee Diamond – Different Strokes: Chaim and Me

Chaim comes from the Israeli right

I come from the Israeli left

Chaim supports the settlement movement in Judah and Shomron

I regret the settlement movement and view it as dangerous to Israel

Chaim supports the hill top youth in Judah and the Shomron

Chaim sees this youth as the contemporary pioneers.

I view them as crazies to be stopped urgently.


Chaim is  s capable spokesperson for the right

I am equally capable to argue the case for the left of center

Heו s vehement

So am I.


Half of Israel supports Chaim

The other half me!


Are we so divided and incapable of  the vision of the other

That we are two nations?


Are we  blocks? Stones? Worse than senseless things?


I  think not!

We are truly one

We are truly struggling for the same cause!


The cause of Zionism !

Not a current political value

But a value as old as the Jews.

4000 year old value

In the beginning — Zion was our commonality

In the beginning — we were led to Zion

And during  4000 years — Zion was above our highest joy


Whether breaking a glass

Whether declaiming at the Seder

Whether concluding Yom Kippur

We never forgot

And never will


Chaim has a vibrant memory and insists on it

I have a fire within me demanding Zion


We’re two sides of the same coin

But it’s the same coin


Right and left

Don’t apply to the Jews

To the Jews who care

Love Of Zion has many paths

Passion for Zion makes us

One people


Chaim and I are united

Just Different strokes


For the Same  folks



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