Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – A Jewish dispute: But Not for Heaven

By International Artist Phillip Ratner ratnermuseum.org

Lee Diamond – A Jewish dispute: But Not for Heaven

When will they ever learn?

The debate continues!

It’s like the debate

After the exodus

Can you believe that

Some of us wanted to return

To Egypt?

To return to Slavery ?


To “The fleshpots of mitzrayim”

The “narrow straights” of Egypt

Became their golden calf

Their pain became their new



That generation worshiped the god

Of their oppression

And they Had to die off

For us to be free!


And herein  lies the dispute

We, the Jew of today

Continue to glorify Egypt

Continue to glorify our


Continue to declare it



We lie to ourselves

As our children marry

Their children

And our next generation

Finds itself wandering

Without Jewish direction


A rabbi and a priest

At the wedding

Lighting their candle

As they light ours

It’s America my friends

The land of opportunity

To lose ourselves


Zion is no longer the American

Jewish direction

America is the direction

Israel for too many

I’d The burden to cast aside


But Zion thrives still

It even mourns its children

Lost in a desert of tears

And disintegration


Diaspora is not a Jewish value

Diaspora is punishment

For our failure

Diaspora does not feed us

Diaspora consumes us.


It will disappear


And Israel

Will appear

As our thriving


for All Jews

Welcome !



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