Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – “Live In” Judaism

Lee Diamond – “Live In” Judaism

It was a mistake

It was our tragedy

It was a self induced

And self caused

The Exile!


Exile is not a value

Exile Is failure

Exile Is punishment

Exile is distance

From our natural environment

From the “Divine Face”


“Because of our sins

We were exiled from our land”

God hides his Face from us

From the exiled


Yet some Jews have transformed

This Exile into a value

They dismiss their distance

From the Source

And from our roots

As equal to

Or better

Than our national home

In fact they prefer Exile

To the center

To the Source


Some even prefer the

Lands of our shame

To the land with our Name

And the land of THE NAME



Are we “Blocks”

Are we “Stones”

Are we “less than senseless things?”


Why do we hide behind

Foolish notions

From the modern miracle

Of the redemption

By God and Israel

Of Eretz Israel and Medinat Yisrael?


Exile has proved itself


Exile fails

Exile is destructive to us

Exile is assimilation

Exile causes our deterioration

Exile is inauthentic



Exile is meant to end

Not to be glorified

By self deceiving justifications


The Succah reminds us of impermanence

In order to value and  return to

The permanent

We don’t glorify the impermanent

But appreciate the permanent!


Fellow Jews

As God says

“Return to Me

And I will return to you”


You have no idea

What you are missing!

It’s “Live In”



pic: Haaretz.com

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