Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Angels on Bikes

Lee Diamond – Angels on Bikes

Mel Alexenberg describes the phenomenon

With the above title.

“Angels on bikes”


Yom Kippur!

Everywhere in Israel

A day uttered by God

Like nothing else

Holy Holy Holy


On a different plane

In a different sphere

Even higher than Shabbat

Shabbat ha Shabbatot

Treading toward “Keter”

“The Sublime”


All the hosts of heaven

Descend from their holy places

And occupy our space

Our  very paths of movement

Are dense with these angels of peace


Not  visible not touchable

But pervasive

Ofanei HaKodesh

The guardians  of God’s holy throne

Drive His celestial chariot


And fill our paths, our roads

And none can enter this space

Without being encompassed by

The Holy , Holy Holy


Ofanim on Ofnayim

Angels on Bikes

Messengers from on High

Teaching us

Encompassing us

With “God made” Holiness

Extending their protection



The peace that we seek

And the peace that we are promised

From SHALOM Himself

Surrounds us

Heaven descends

Upon us

Carried on the wings of

The angels on bikes


Walk on their heels

Smile at these innocent


They are the emissaries

Of the Divine


Take them into our souls


Yom Kippur! Israel!

Frown not at those innocents


They know not

But they carry

שלום  on their


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