Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Searching for Jewish Roots

Lee Diamond – Searching for Jewish Roots

She was known simply as Rachel

A pioneer and poetess

A “chalutza״


She came to a land that Mark Twain had

Described as desolate country

Uninspiring, and empty!


But Rahel was inspired

She saw more than Mark Twain could

For  he was blind to more

Than meets the eye


She  saw rebirth

Ancient grain

Budding once again

Provender of old

Flourishing for the new/old  People

Of Israel

Without being planted

Or plowed

Or watered

The roots of antiquity

The seeds of a nation

Re-Born to meet the return

Of Israel to Israel


These seeds and roots could

Never wither

Because they were

The  soul of Israel

No body can BE without a soul

And no soul can Be without a body !


When the two unite

New life breathes


We, the new Jews

Tried to separate body from  soul

The old Jew and the New


But the soul never allowed

Israel to escape itself

It kept us  in tact

For the people of this covenant


We wanted to be like all nations


But the land would not allow us


The beckoning Neshama

Our breath, our inner soul

That breath of essence


So Deep was unwilling to

Cease breathing

And Held us slaves to Its depth


As our bodies grew strong

As we gained national pride

The soul of the  Jew

Demanded its rightful place

And Is now mystifying us

No less than a barren desert blooming


See our new search !

See our song of soul renewal!

Feel the chest, rising without demand !

The chest of  the

New/newer and newest

Israeli Jew

Discovering its spiritual roots

Sprouting forth

Like the wheat of the land


Of the living Torah

Of our day.


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