Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Where will you be for Rosh HaShana?

Lee Diamond – Where will you be for Rosh HaShana?

I’ll be with all my family!

This year Moshele and family are with her family

Oy, I’ve got 19 guests this year

All of my in-laws are at my house this year

It’s our turn to host the entire family

My  cousins are visiting from Capetown

They’re bringing their son in the army and his girlfriend.


What can I bring for the meal?

Nothing! Oh well maybe a honey cake.

I didn’t bake this year.


All the Challot are all round!


Honey galore!

Apples In abundance,

Brisket smells already rule the environment


Shana Tova everywhere


In the street

At the stores

At the end of every mobile phone call

Teens and kids and soldiers

All wishing Shana Tova


The shops will be closed for three full days

Two days of Rosh HaShana followed by Shabbat

Urgent shopping lest we be without milk or

Coffee or chrain

Gefite fish Topped with a slice of carrot

Sweet is Israeli style

Tzimis made with  honey

And honey cake for a sweet year


It’s Rosh HaShana here


Shana Tova

Live in it !

Live it

Love it

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