Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond -A Fire in My Belly

Lee Diamond -A Fire in My Belly

I don’t know why


I didn’t ignite it

Nor do I rekindle it


It’s always there

Like the bush that burned

And was never consumed


It won’t leave me

Its  epicenter is deep in my gut

I can actually feel the flames

At this very minute and all others.


It keeps me warm

And the heat of my gut

Makes me other

Not better, but other!


It radiates in my heart

And my lips

And my eyes

It fills my heart

And causes me to laugh out loud

And cry bitter tears


Some call it Aish

I call it the

burning Jewish Neshama

Born in me

As much as any other

Part of me


But it burns and swells

And makes life possible

It defines me

I speak the fire

I embody the passion

I feel It in my chest

It’s welling up

It’s writing these very words

My eyes are actually burning


The flame consumes all of me



Yes I am a


If you remove my skin

You’ll be exposed

To flames and red hot embers

Ready to Ignite .


I think that it’s no less

Than my very life

My essence

The fire that every Jew

Who lives

Knows and feels

It’s the flame of The Bush


The fire that can’t be consumed

The fire of God




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