Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – One People ?


Lee Diamond – One People ?

Have you visited America recently?

Visiting your former home?

Visiting friends or relatives?

The sites of your youth

The school that you attended?


Some of us fired by the inspiration

Of the re emergence

Of the Old/New State

Of a new Jew

Of being where the action was

Of contributing to that spirit

That came with rebuilding

And being rebuilt in the process


Changed our lives

And we influenced the new Jew

And gave of our life experience

To help make the “desert” bloom

With our hands and our hearts and souls.


It wasn’t easy for us

Nor was it easy for our brothers and sisters in the land

To understand us

To absorb us

But we persisted

Because we were and still are passionate

New Jews

Western ideological Jews

Zionists and western halutzim

To the core !


Unable to fashion Anti Zionist or non Zionist

American Jews

Unable to rid ourselves of our Jewish


Reaching higher always

Demanding more of ourselves

Of our state and its leaders

We remain at the center of Jewish action

And never regret where we are

And what we have become!


With all the criticism

We are part of the greatest

Moment in modern Jewish history

So history will declare us


It is here that we forge the Future

Of our nation, the nation of the Jewish people


Yet, have you noticed that when you visit your brothers

And sisters today in the land of “silk and honey”

That they don’t relate to your passion

To the excitement of being a proud Israeli

A New Jew

At the front of the struggle to revitalize

The Jew, the Land and Torah


Yet, Silence is their reaction


We are More than a prayer for Zion

We are More than what was

Or of that which lingers on


As A.B. Yehoshua stated

We live in Jewish skin



Why brothers and sisters have you

Forgotten Jerusalem?

Has your right hand lost its cunning?

Can you still shout from your lips

About The Joy of Jerusalem?


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