Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Misled American Jews

Ornstein Family AP Photo 2004

Lee Diamond – Misled American Jews

Trump declared!

Trump didn’t condemn!

Trump dismissed!

Trump supported them!

Trump paralleled them to us!

Trump didn’t calm the nation!

Trump missed an opportunity!


But the issue is NOT  Trump

He’s become the scape goat

For a much deeper issue

The media has avoided It

Even the Jewish leadership Is burying it deeply

Yet i think that the black leadership ‘gets it’


Jew Hatred is In style

In America!

It’s not Trump

Jew hatred has re- emerged

Along with black hatred

It’s the American Pandora’s  box with a broken seal.


It’s exploded In fire  brimstone and torches

And Direct words

“Jews out”

NO Shame

Revealed hating faces! And signs and rifles

No fear of exposure

Declaring “it’s their America”

“Jews out”


It may be Trump!s minions

It may be his “base”

But they are his secret army

They are the enemy

And they are his base

They elected him

They are the danger

And they have been  released from their trenches

In full battle attire and gear


Armed to the teeth

Proud and supported

By masses

Of Cossacks

Ready to “take America back”

From the “Jews”

“From the left

From the “lying media!”

From CNN

From Wolf Blitzer.


‘Eyes have we  but we see Not”




You are their  enemy



Jews : they hate you

Instinctual deep passionate hatred

Irrational hatred



Discard your naïveté

You have an option

Act Now! You have a safe and desirous


This is not a passing moment


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