Steve Ornstein – When Will We Learn

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Steve Ornstein – When Will We Learn

I am always trying to understand the younger generations such as the Millenials. These young people will be the leaders in our society one day.  I look at our present leadership, and I cringe in horror at the lack of caring for all our citizens. It makes me angry and painfully aware of how far we still need to grow as the Jewish nation. Our nation contains minority communities that also share in its hopes and aspirations of the country.

Israeli-Arab political leadership is a pathetic excuse for caring about its constituency. Their political agenda is one of hate and a desire to destroy the foundation of this nation. Some within this wonderful community are waking up and are saying no to the divisiveness and yes to unity. This change will allow for the transformation and recognition of their specific needs long over due.

We fall short because of the greediness of both the secular and religious party leaders in their desire to take control of the Government. Lies and promises that have led to graft, corruption and self-serving benefits that hurt the entire nation.

Nothing astonishing about these comments but I know there is an Israel that has transcended human tragedy into a nation that lights up the world. Helping each other, instilling and inspiring the best of our humanity as Jews, as a nation, and as a conscious community.

It is in our Torah. We share it in our moral and ethical values we have embodied through the generations. It is in the veins of this nation to uproot the false gods that try and instill fear to stay in power. We are all aware of the enemies around and inside of our country, but we must be willing to take a risk and give others a chance to become leaders by example, not through any divine right.

It is time for all the parties to throw out the corrupted, egotistical, racists, bigots and provide an opportunity for the younger talented among us to share in the leadership of our nation.

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