Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – What Chutzpah & Ministering to Education

Lee Diamond – What Chutzpah & Ministering to Education


What Chutzpah

They circulated a petition

About a  state they barely recognize

Nor  support

Calling for that very state to recognize

It’s own detractors!


And they refer to themselves as rabbis

Seeking other rabbis to sign a petition

To protect the rights of self hating Jews!

In the name of democracy.

They  call

Upon rabbis to support the rights of BDSers

And similar self haters.


I read this petition

Read it carefully

And felt deep disgust yet sadness.


Leaders of the Jewish people

In fact paid leaders of our people

Calling upon fellow  colleagues

To lend a democratic ear

To “kapos”

Israel destroyers


Serving a foreign god


How dare they circulate such a petition

How dare the use the phrase ‘democracy”?

How dare they sit on their fat pulpits?

How dare they call themselves rabbis?

How dare they accept a salary from the Jewish people?


They are horrified when they are criticized

For being charlatans by the Orthodox

Yet that is who they are.,

Jewish Charlatans in the guise of rabbis

Rabbis who.speak in anger against their own people

Rabbis who can’t bless israel

Nor defend it physically

Nor reap the benefits and the God given mitzvah

Of living in the Jewish homeland.


There is no “herem” anymore

But these self destructive, ignorant Jews

Must be dismissed

From preaching as false prophets

Not by error but with vicious intention


More than that

Their efforts lead to severe danger

To the Jewish people everywhere .

Not only those who dwell in Zion

And protect her for all Jews

But their curse and petition will Be

Used by the enemies of Am Yisrael

To destroy us as before.


They must be segregated from

Our people

And judged by none other

Than the God of Israel


Ministering to Education

Imagine an expert  American

Jewish Educator

Being sent by an American

Day school to advise and write a new

curriculum for Israeli schools, religious

Or secular!

Imagine this “expert”

Designing a curriculum

For teaching Hebrew!

Imagine him/her

Preparing a curriculum

For Jewish life cycle events

Or the Jewish calendar

For Tanach or Rabbinic Literature

Holidays or celebrations

Observance or tradition, history

Or Jewish literature,


Don’t  bother imagining.

The Jewish Expert from the diaspora

Will fail at this enterprise .

Israeli Jews, both secular and religious

Are unknown to the most expert of experts of Diaspora educators.


We, the Jewish people live in two worlds



A totally Jewish World


*Which can’t shed its Jewish skin

*Living In Jewish time

* And in contact with  fellow Jews full time

And we aren’t even aware of this at all

We take this for granted

As our very life.


Diaspora: a world apart from a natural Jewish environment; struggling with its native country and culture.

It’s native environment ,

trying desperately to be natural Jews by separating from the world that surrounds it, yet living in this world day  by day.  Wanting to integrate

But fearful of integration. Seeking segregation yet fearing it.


Diaspora and Israel

Not one world and not one people


And now Israel’s minister of Education

Wants to send Israeli “experts” to the American Jewish diaspora in order to develop curriculum and teach Judaism


Mr. minister:

Perhaps you were born In the American Jewish diaspora

Perhaps you know something about religious Israeli schools in Raanana

Perhaps you know something about

Religious orthodox schools


But be humble enough to realize

That you know very little about the

Educational needs of the American Jewish Diaspora and its Needs and you will fail


You might want to bring American Jews here

To learn about the power of

Living In Jewish skin in a Jewish  culture

That’s “OUR” expertise



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